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Organic Gardening

A beautiful, well-balanced garden is a delight to witness. Organic Gardening services can create and care for your garden. Make it a gratifying and peaceful sanctuary throughout the year.

Organic Gardening services offers expert garden and grounds conservation services across Australia for residential homeowners and commercial properties.

While Organic Gardening is usually seen an alternative to gardening with harmful chemicals, many of its methods are basically good gardening practices and are compatible with most other forms of gardening.

Organic Gardening experts have the know-how to design and complete a spectacular garden setting, or simply care for your garden as required.

Organic Gardening service providers can also help you maintain a pristine presence to your business properties. First impressions do count. Make the best one possible. 

Organic Gardening Consultants

Our Organic Gardening Consultants believe that every client should be handled with an equal level of skilled service and courteousness irrespective of the size of their garden.

Organic Gardening experts’ services range from garden clearance and lawn care, to landscape garden design and build.

Organic Gardening Contractors

After a preliminary consultation with our Organic Gardening contractors, they will ascertain your views and concepts for your garden, together with any complications you might be facing. This will allow them to begin a scope and schedule of necessary work, together with a no obligation quote.

Please call, e-mail or get a quote online today for great deals!

Q: Why Organic Gardening Services?

A: Organic gardeners are strongly committed to their soil. They know if they don’t abuse the land, it will provide for them for many years to come.

·         Organic Gardening helps to prevent the loss of topsoil, water pollution, toxic runoff, soil contamination and poisoning.

·         It also prevents the death of birds, insects and other soil-aiding organisms.

·         There are no pesticides, herbicides or fungicide residue on food, or synthetic fertilizer residue on plants.

·         Organic Gardening can save you money in the long run. Improving the health of the soil yields better plants. In time, there’ll be less money spent for items to help a poorly cared for garden.

Q: How important is the soil quality?

A: Soil quality is very important in Organic Gardening. Your plants won’t thrive unless they have healthy soil for their roots. A soil test should tell you about its condition. There are other ways to tell. Can you put a shovel in the ground and find a worm every time you take it out? Worms chew through dead plant material and create compost, which feed the roots of your plants. Feed the soil, and your plants will be fed by it.

Q: What about insects?

A: Most insects are healthy for your garden. They are pollinators, predators or decomposers and an organic garden needs all three. Bees and butterflies are pollinators. Ladybugs are predators that hunt bad insects. Worms are decomposers that create compost. Using insecticide would create more harm than good. 

Q: Why should I compost?

A: It’s a free way to get rid of all the biodegradable waste from your home or workplace. You’ll save money on garbage bags, fertilizer and garden soil. You’re giving back to the environment. Compost attracts beneficial insects who keep the plant-destroyers, mosquitos and other bad bugs under control.

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