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Living Green Walls

Living green walls are amazing. They are a collection of plants that harness the power of nature producing incredible benefits.

These plants should not be assumed as being just decoration. These sprawling walls of opulent greenery are contemporary additions to design and architecture that deliver matchless benefits.

Placing living Green Walls on the exterior of a building offers protection and cuts energy consumption. While on the interior, they considerably improve the home or office environment, making it a healthier, more calming, energy-efficient place to live and work.

They improve air quality. The high concentration of plants in living Green Walls means that the natural benefits are radically amplified. Green Walls absorb and clean pollutants through the plant’s leaves and roots.

Green Walls take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. It makes the air more breathable, and makes you feel more awake and alert. They also actively attract dust, reducing particulate levels by up to 20%. It means less risk of respiratory irritations.

Green Wall Systems

Green Wall systems also provide building protection. The Sun does all kinds of damage to buildings. Installing living Green Walls on the exterior will protect it from the damages of direct sunlight, acid rain and UV radiation.

Green Wall construction will reduce your energy costs. Exterior living Green Walls help regulate the temperature inside the building.

The multitude of plants on the walls reflects sunlight and cools the environment around them. This means a cooler interior which saves money on air-conditioning.

Green Walls on the inside have the same effect and they will regulate humidity levels too. Less need to power humidifiers or de-humidifiers.

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Q: How many types of Green Walls are there?

A: Green Wall contractors provide many different types of Green Walls, three of the most unique are the Terra Screen Interior Greenwall, the Panel System and the Wooly Packet. In the Terra Screen Interior Green Wall, plants sit in individual plastic pots, each held by a larger wall-mounted metal frame. You don’t have to waterproof the walls. These are usually in an office lobby or reception desk.

The Panel System plants sit in compartmentalized panels hung on a wall rack. They have to be pre-grown horizontally for eight weeks before installation. Each panel’s mounted separately and you have to waterproof the walls and do irrigation. It’s popular in lobbies and receptions.

In the Wooly Pocket green wall system, the plants grow in breathable, moisture-retaining bags hung directly on the walls with screws, so there’s no rack or frame. It can be hand-watered or setup for irrigation. They’re popular in homes and outside gardens.

Q: Which indoor plants are easy to grow?

A: Rubber plants. Mother-in-law’s Tongue. Dracaena. Spider plants. Cast iron plants. Umbrella plants. Philodendron. Pothos.

Q: Besides Green Walls, what are some other popular green upgrades?

A: One green element that seems to be getting popular is green roofs. Building owners and developers are seeing that they get many benefits from the green roofs, as they have in green walls, including improved insulation, reduction of the heat effect, passive storm water management and the opportunity for food production. They’re gardens with views.

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