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Garden Pests And Diseases

Garden Pest Control Experts

You can use safe methods to kill dangerous, annoying or plant eating bugs and diseases. Whether it’s mosquitos and ticks that stop you from indulging in your outdoor spaces to spiders, ants and other bugs and illnesses, our garden pest control services have you covered.

Our well-trained and experienced garden pest control experts provide services for all your gardening needs including mosquito control, tick control, perimeter pests, fire ant and mole control.

Natural Garden Pest Control Specialists

The problem with mosquitos isn’t just the itchy bite. They are the deadliest insects on Earth. Mosquito bites result in a million deaths yearly, according to the World Health Organization. One wrong bite from a mosquito can have stark outcomes like West Nile or the Zika virus.

Our natural garden pest control specialists offer you what you need to keep this grim disease-carrying menace at bay. Regain your garden.

Organic Pest Control

Our garden pests and disease control contractors have programs that will help protect your family and colleagues from these dangerous insects and diseases.

Prior to doing any treatments, our organic pest control experts will do a full evaluation and risk assessment of your garden. Only after you agree to the evaluation will they then apply treatment to bug resting areas.

These treatments would rapidly decrease the number of adult bugs, larvae and eggs in your garden. Their cohesive garden pests and diseases controlling program also includes regular checkups and precautionary treatments.

Keeping spiders, ants, ticks and other bugs away from your home keeps your family and pets healthy, especially if they are allergic to spider and insect bites.

For great service at affordable prices, call, e-mail or get a free quote online today!

Q: How can I prevent insect damage in my garden?

A: Pull out any weak plants. If they’re already infected, they may attract predators. Build healthy, organic soil. Natural composting methods are the best way to develop strong, resilient plants. Clear the garden area of debris and weeds that are breeding grounds for insects. Rotate your plants. Garden pests are usually plant specific. If plantings are mixed, they’re less likely to spread. Keep foliage dry. Wet foliage encourages fungus and insect damage. Clean and disinfect your garden tools before moving to other areas in your garden to reduce the spread of invading bugs.

Q: Are there any beneficial insects I should look out for?

A: You can attract beneficial insects to your garden or buy them to prey on harmful insects or their larvae. Brachonids Chalcids and Ichneumon Wasps devour leaf-eating caterpillars. You can attract them by planting carrots, celery or parsley. Ladybugs destroy aphids, mites and whiteflies. You can attract them by planting daisies. The Praying Mantis also has a large appetite for garden-destroying bugs. You could also set small plot aside in your garden for plants designed to attract and keep beneficial insects to prey on garden pests.

Q: How can I get rid of ticks?

Modify your landscaping to increase sunlight. Make a clearly demarcated, trimmed border. Prune trees, mow the lawn, and clear leaf litter and brush. Especially along edges of the lawn, driveways and stonewall. Wildflower meadows and herbal gardens aren’t as attractive to ticks.

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