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 Landscape Garden Designers

Whatever you want from your dream garden let our team of landscape garden designers turn it into a reality. They are experts at all aspects of landscape gardening services from paving, water features, decking, garden maintenance and pruning to full garden makeovers.

Whether you have a fixed idea of what you want or need some inspiration and guidance, our professional landscape gardeners are here to help. They have years of experience and in this time have built up a great reputation.

So if you are looking for landscape garden designers in Australia, we know the company for you.

Landscape Garden Maintenance

Our professional Landscape Gardeners strive to bring all their new and existing customers honest pricing, quick service and top quality garden maintenance.

They understand how challenging landscape garden maintenance can be, especially when it comes to the year-long garden maintenance of many plants, shrubs and trees.

Professional landscape gardeners will give you punctual service and complete garden maintenance, to provide you with long-lasting, healthy looking and well maintained garden all year round.

Before any work gets underway, our landscape garden designers would give you a free consultation so one of our landscape garden experts can walk you through all the changes and design aspects that will transform your garden.

You will be able to see firsthand why our professional landscape gardeners are among the top Landscape Gardeners in Australia. So if you need a Landscape Gardener or simply garden maintenance, we know the companies for you.

For great service at affordable prices, call, e-mail or get a free quote online today!

Q: I have dogs that have urinated on the lawn throughout the summer and I have patches all over the yard now? What lawn applications can I use without poisoning the pets?

A: The patches left by dog urine are probably dead, and the soil still may have a concentration of salts from the urine. Water the spots well, allow them to drain for a couple of days, and rake out the dead grass. Rake in some compost and apply grass seed.

Q: I pruned back my landscape gardener planted poinsettia four weeks ago. If I prune I again, will it affect its bloom at the end of the year?

A: Poinsettias are usually planted in the landscape garden can reach several feet in height and can get somewhat leggy. In order to achieve a more compact plant, it is common practice to prune back new growth every four to six weeks. Remove the top 3 to 4 inches of new growth, cutting just above a set of leaves. Continue this until late August, but no later than Sept. 10. New growth after the last pinch should reach a length of 8-10 inches. With the proper light and weather conditions, flower buds should start to appear in early October. Cut back on the pruning schedule if you prefer a taller plant.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of Skunk Vine?

Skunk vine is indeed a stinker - both in terms of its smell when crushed and in how to control it.  It’s identified by its rounded to heart-shaped leaves with pointed tips as well as the unpleasant odor emitted from crushed leaves. Its flowers are small, grayish pink to lilac with red centers. Reaching 30 feet and more, it can engulf native vegetation. The weight of its vines can cause branch breakage. Constant pruning of the roots is an option, but you also might need some type of chemical control. 

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