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Landscape Demolition And Removal Specialists

Our Landscape Demolition and Removal experts have been providing specialist contracting services to a wide range of clients for many years throughout Australia.

They get the job completed safely and promptly so you can delight in your beautifully landscaped home or workplace!

Landscape Demolition And Removal Contractors

Friendly service, experience and professionalism are what you can expect when selecting our Landscape Demolition and Removal contractors.

Among the many services Landscape Demolition and Removal contractors provide are demolition of small or large scale buildings or structures. Demolition of temporary structures can also be negotiated.

Demolition of residential properties like houses, garages and outbuildings could also be done. Landscape Demolition and Removal experts also offer tree removal. They also include waste removal.

Besides demolition, they also provide enabling, which includes demolition, strip outs, removal of foundation, exhumation, ground clearance, disconnection of services and removal of contaminated soil. They also can refurbish industrial buildings.

Landscape Demolition and Removal experts also conduct civil engineering such as drainage, pile probing, installation of piling mats, excavation of pipes, foundations, underpinning and concrete repair. Concrete repair for walls, jetty’s and pathways.

The excavation of pipes would detect leaks in steam pipes. They can also do steel frame construction for supporting containers. 

Hard Landscaping

Landscape Demolition and Removal contractors also provide hard landscaping such as playground construction and development, car park construction and resurfacing, footpath, fencing and playground equipment installation.

They have a wide range of plant and specialist attachments for hire including screening buckets, grapples munchers, crackers, cushers, roll on roll off skip and excavators.

Please call, e-mail, get a quote online and contact us today to find out more about great deals!

Q: What kind of soil and soil quality should I get?

A: Soil is required for resloping works. You may need to add bulk to create new slopes or evenness. It’s also needed if your current soil quality is poor and needs to be replaced. Some projects require the removal of land layers. Old topsoil can be put back after the land has been re-leveled.

Q: What should I do about erosion?

A: All newly added soil from any resloping project has an erosion risk. But landscapers would install erosion control structures like metal braces or edging. New plants with strong roots will also help prevent soil erosion.

Q: What additional considerations or costs would I have with Landscape Demolition and Removal contractors?

A: Permits may be required if you want to do resloping or other deep landscaping projects. The permit price depends on your city. Resloping land usually has an effect on public property and the neighbours. So you might be required to have a land survey done by a licensed professional. Before resloping, you might need to clear your yard of vegetation. You should also check the location of any underground power and utility lines. You can do this by contacting your utility provider and ask them to mark the line locations. Please notify your landscapers to avoid damage. 

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