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Arborist - Residential & Commercial Arborist

Professional arborist services have accumulated hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Australia because of the quality and reliability they offer. Arborists treat trees to not only be beautiful, but as an essential aspect of our environment.

Arborist Experts

Arborists are especially skilled if you are experiencing a dangerous or falling tree emergency that needs tending to as soon as possible.

Whether it’s your home or business, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the tree maintenance expert that has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done quickly, safely and effectively. Our companies would love to help you.

Whether your tree maintenance issues are large or small, you deserve a tree expert who is fast, polite, clean and punctual. One who is committed to saving you time and money.

They will assess the problem quickly, tell you the cost, and get the job done right.

Tree Maintenance Expert

Arborist services help trees boost your property’s value, get rid of impurities in the air and are a great addition for extra privacy. But sometimes, an extra-large tree can be a hazard to homes, buildings or utility lines.

Arborist experts can diminish that danger by guiding early root barriers, doing early training for young trees and by using suitable planting techniques.

They also do tree removal, stump removal, trimming, shaping, annual maintenance, cabling, bracing, lot clearing, slope clearing, weight reduction, firewood, wood splitter and can do Poison Oak services as well.

Don’t risk adding more damage to your home or workplace by putting off your tree maintenance any longer.

For great service at affordable prices, call, e-mail or get a free quote online today!

Q: How would an arborist help me save my tree?

A: It depends on what the tree’s condition is. A certified arborist can recommend treatment measures that can help a tree survive or even thrive later on, or they may recommend it to be removed.

Q: I have an orange-leaf Maple tree and the branches are completely bare in the middle. The trunk has many holes around it. Can the tree be saved?

A: If they were stacked rows of square holes, it could be sapsucker damage. If the holes were round and longer than a pencil, it could be a Longhorned Beetle. Consider hiring a consulting arborist to provide guidance. They would be able to help you if the tree is treatable.

Q: We have a large tree growing against our gutters at the back of our home. The tree is a plains cottonwood and has a large V up the trunk. The larger half extends against our gutter and over our roof and the other extends towards the neighbour’s yard. How can we prevent future damage from this tree?

A: Any tree that has parts touching a house should have those parts and maybe even more of the tree removed. This tree needs an evaluation by a qualified arborist. Insurance coverage on the home may be impacted.

Q: Our neighbour’s above ground pool burst and soaked the area around my Japanese Maple tree. The leaves started to burn out and half the tree is dry. Is it possible to save the tree?

A: Many factors contribute to the decline of a tree. Japanese Maples can be susceptible to a few biotic or abiotic factors like verticilum wilt or girdling roots. Dry conditions can also cause issues. A pool bursting and flooding the roots could also be related to its decline and should be investigated. A consulting arborist may be able to help you by appraising the damage. 

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